This Agreement is the general agreement for the public release of Character LUAN Kiriyama (桐山ルアン) Voicebank (referred to the definitions as follows in this Agreement) where their Licensor YeDev gives as a condition for using in general.

桐山ルアン (LUAN Kiriyama)
Release Date: 2018/12/04
publisher: YeDev –  Sound-Technica STUDIO

Article 1: (Definition)

1. As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Publisher: YeDev (Leciano De Araujo), citizen of Brazil, the voice copyright owner of the Voicebank and the copyright owner of the Character.
Voice: The voice of this voicebank is linked only to the character “LUAN Kiriyama” and its provider the publisher.
Voicebank: 桐山ルアン Voice Database, or LUAN Kiriyama Voice Database, produced with technical procedures at a basis of and from materials of certain human voice recorded by Publisher. The copyright work of the voicebank includes:
(1) raw or processed, compressed, coded audio and (2) configuration and annotation data for the said audio data for the Software, including any future versions, improvements, developments, programming fixes, updates and upgrades thereof.

Character: in this agreement refers to the virtual character LUAN Kiriyama, “LUAN Kiriyama” or “virtual character”. LUAN Kiriyama is the name of the Character. LUAN Kiriyama is embodied with features in drawings of which the copyright is owned by the Publisher and abstracted to a virtual character with certain character traits. The voice or voice character of virtual character LUAN Kiriyama is provided by and solely matched to the Voice Database.

Official Website: the official website managed by the Publisher, using for the publish and distribution of the foregoing Character and Voice Database. The web address:

Article 2: The License Allows

2. The Publisher grants a license to the User to use the Character and voicebank on the basis that the User fully understands and agrees this Agreement. If the User does not agree to this Agreement or does not fully understand the content of this Agreement, the User may not use the Character or the Voice Database. If the User use the Character or the Voice Database, the User is deemed to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Without contrary to the existing laws and regulations and this Agreement, any legal person, natural person or other organization is entitled to use, create and spread the Work free of charge, except for any commercial use (including for any profit-making activity). In the context of no-commercial use, when publishing, using a Work related to the Character or a Work produced on a basis of Voice Database.

Article 3: What is Forbidden

Criminal or illegal content, Bigotry and hateful content, Homosexual or Racist content, create violent or political content.

The User shall not change or modify any copyright mark, copyright notice of the Character and the Voice Database, or any of their copies without the consent of the Publisher.

The use of this voicebank for use in music of the genre “Brazilian Funk” commonly heard in Brazil.

The User shall not use or spread the Character, Voice Database or Work in any way contrary to the existing laws, public advantages, public order and this Agreement.

The User shall not change or modify any copyright mark, copyright notice of the Character and the Voice Database, or any of their copies without the consent of the Publisher.

Any portrait of full nudity with explicit sexual cues (This includes faces of ahegao), or any other sexual cues in forms of images, words, language, dialogues, actions, videos and voices and to the extent stimulating a normal adult to shame or disgust;

Article 4: The Termination of This Agreement

The license to the User thereof may be terminated automatically under the circumstances where:
(1) The Software User license granted by the Publisher is terminated;
(2) The User breaches this Agreement;
(3) The Publisher publishes the termination of this Agreement on the Official Website at any time.

Where any of the above circumstances occurs, the User shall destroy all the copies of the Voice Database and Character. Where the circumstance under the Article 5.1 (2) occurs, the Publisher may claim the User for compensation and bring other legal actions against the User.

Article 5: No warranties and Limitation of Liabilities

The Character and Voice Database is offered “as is” and Publisher makes no warranty as to its use or performance. All risks arising from the use or performance of the Character and Voice Database remains with the User. The Publisher does not and cannot warrant the performance or results the User may obtain by using the Character and Voice Database and relevant documentation. The Publisher makes no warranties, express or
implied, as to non-infringement of third party rights, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. In no event will the Publisher be liable to the User for any consequential, incidental or special damages, including any lost profits or lost savings, even if the Publisher has been informed of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any
third party.
This Agreement may be modified without prior notice. The update of this Agreement shall be referred on the Official Website.

Article 6: The Declaration of Copyright

The Publisher hereby declares to own the entire copyright of the virtual character (LUAN Kiriyama), the Character and Voice Database.

YeDev – Sound-Technica STUDIO © 桐山ルアン All Rights Reserved.