YeDev OTO Commissions

Primarily because I’m doing this ? Simple, all the money I get from the commissions I will use to help me pay for my Japanese studies.


1.) I have the right to decline a commissioner.
2.) The quality of voice samples directly affect the final result.
3.) You need to have a decent art for some oto formats. (for oto trade for art)!
4.) You should have at least 3 months in your account on deviantart !. (for oto trade for art)
5.) Stolen voices or stolen voicebanks will never be accepted.
6.) If you have a doubtful history your commission will not be accepted.
7.) I will send a model from MMD so that you can make the art. (for oto trade for art)
8.) I it I will let you know if any sample of your voice bank is missing, or is written wrong and with some anomaly.
9.) If you want to you can I request a stream in the to check the progress of your voice in real-time!.
10.) Cancellations are not allowed 24 hours after commission acceptance.
11.) I will only accept 5 commissions at a time.
12.) If you are not trustworthy your commission will not be accepted.

Coin is Dollar !
PayPal: [email protected]

Work Status

Slot 1 FREE
Slot 2 FREE
Slot 3 FREE
Slot 4 FREE
Slot 5 FREE

Oto Services

Japanese CV: FREE (sigle pitch only) (for additional pitch: $1)
Japanese CVVC: $2 (for additional pitch: $1)
Japanese VCV: $4 (for additional pitch: $2,5)

Spanish CV (by Yukito Yuki): $2 (for additional pitch: $1)
Spanish CVVC (by Teren000): $3 (for additional pitch: $2,0)
Spanish VCCV (by AkuP): $5 (for additional pitch: $2,5)

Thai VCCV (by PRINTmov): $5 (for additional pitch: $2,5)

PT-BR Prizma (by QuironP): Contact Me
PT-BR X-SAMPA (By Me YeDev): Contact Me

Inglish Arpasing (0.1.0 ~ 0.2.0): $9,50 (for additional pitch: $7)

Additional Services

Voicebank Translation: $2

Note: What is this?, I will convert your entire Voicebank from Hiragana to romaji including all samples .wav, oto.ini and frequencies.

Frequency correction: $1 per 100 samples.

Note: Specify your resampler in your request otherwise I will generate frequencies for the moresampler 0.8.3 + 0.8.4!.

Mixing Services

Basic: it is not yet valid

Advanced: it is not yet valid

YeDev Style: it is not yet valid


New !:20% discount for orders with more than 3 pitchers or multi-expression.

Note: For the discount to be applied and accepted the voicebank must use the same reclist on all pitchers and appends.

!!!OTO Trade for ART!!!

Don’t want to pay money for OTO’s ? well also I accept trade for arts.


x1 Bust Up: 2 Pitch’s
x1 Full Body: 4 Pitch’s
x2 Full Body + Background: Soon


x1 Bust Up: 4 Pitch’s
x1 Full Body: 6 Pitch’s
x2 Full Body + Background: Soon


x1 Bust Up: 2 Pitch’s
x1 Full Body: 4 Pitch’s
x2 Full Body + Background: Soon

If you are interested in my services contact me by PM or my contacts: